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It is quite popular to hear infomercials and even some TV ministries promising great wealth if you do such and such. Amazing as it may sound, millions buy into the hype. I’ve personally purchased real-estate products because of the fancy presentation. Only to get home and read through the resources and noted I need more information to progress. At which time I learned I would have to pay more money and additional classes would have to be taken by me to get that other information needed to begin investing. Becoming discouraged, I stopped my pursuit to become wealthy through real estate investing.


A key principle I learned to understand and appreciate is STEWARDSHIP. No matter your occupation, education obtained, etc. affective stewardship (managing someone’s investments, resources, trust) is important. This isn’t hocus pocus either it takes time to develop and master this principle in one’s life.


If you want to be successful, it will take disciplined living by established or proven principles. In fact many financial persons I’ve met in my journey were people who believed in giving back in service and financially. They considered their blessings a gift from God. When we consider the thoughts of our culture is towards selfishness. Please remember everything you have such as life, health, prosperity, family, favor, business, and real property, creative ideas are from the Lord. Value them cherish them and protect them because you have been assigned as steward over them.


Genesis 1:26



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